Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020 Finalists Announced

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020 Finalists Announced

For the last five years, Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards has put the biggest smiles on our faces with, well, comedy wildlife photos. The award show's main purpose, aside from entertainment, is conservation.

The minds behind the project, Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam, are conservationists themselves. With Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, they aim to draw more attention to protecting our planet and being more respectful to other living species with whom we share our home — especially wild animals kept in captivity or even hunted in cold blood.

While we live in our daily hustle and bustle, it's really comforting to see compassionate souls working hard to help our animal friends.

Below, we have gathered our picks from this year's Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards finalists:

1. This facepalming bear

This fellow can't even look at you right now.


2. This fish going 'Heyyyyyy ;)'

And even more so "how you doin'?"

3. Walking around, holding tails

Holding hands? That's so mainstream.

4. Either their final conversion or a weekly gossip sesh

We really don't want to know which is it...

5. Yippee, tail swing

"Dude, what the hell?"

6. This turtle flipping off the camera

That's some celebrity attitude right there.

7. Hide & seek extraordinaire

We just can't seem to spot the hidden animal here.

8. Photobombed!

Fast, sly, and cute; that's how you photobomb.

9. 'Keep your distance' — at least 3 feet (1 meter)

Words/Acts of wisdom.

10. We're walking in on these guys

Please keep children away from the screen.

11. Enter *tension music*

Horror movie material, we'd say.

12. Bike gang of the animal kingdom

Sons of Anarchy.

13. 'Guys, I'm gonna puke'

Rookie mistake, you don't go running on a full stomach.

14. Stealing tires, just bear stuff

"Act natural..."

The organization also works with Born Free, an international wildlife charity that works to ensure all wild animals, whether in captivity or in the wild, are treated with compassion and respect.

If you want to chip in or help out, make sure to pay their website a visit. And most importantly, don't forget to vote for your favorite shot!

Watch the video: Finalis 2020 Anugerah Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards (May 2021).