Restored Etihad Jet Turned Into a Holiday Rental You Can Sleep In

Restored Etihad Jet Turned Into a Holiday Rental You Can Sleep In

If you're looking for a slightly different holiday rental experience, you may consider heading to Wales. Not merely because the country is gorgeous and has plenty to offer, but because you can sleep in a converted former Etihad A319 jet.

Placed in the Apple Camping site, which is owned by Toby Rhys Davies, you can sleep up to four people in the newly-reconverted jet.

It once served Air Malta, then Air Canada, and finally Etihad Airways, who decommissioned it last year. Rhys Davies then purchased it and converted it to be a part of his camping site.


Located in Redberth, South Wales, the Arabian nights (as it's now named) jet-turned-accommodation cost Rhys Davies £45,000 ($59,000).

As the plane was so big, it had to be cut in two to be properly carried and put into place, as per the Daily Mail. It actually worked out quite well as one section of the plane serves as the sleeping, showering, and cooking area, while the other part is a relaxing semi-outdoor area for dining or simply sitting outdoors. Even if it used to float above in the sky, the plane now remains on the ground as most of the campers do.

The typical plane bathroom has been turned into an all-encompassing one with a hot water shower, as well as a regular toilet, and the galley has been turned into a cooking area. The rest of the plane is for sleeping and living. If only economy-class traveling was that comfortable!

All original windows have been kept, as well as the overhead bins for any luggage storage, which certainly adds to the funky effect. And you enter the plane through two emergency exits at its two tail ends.

Since 2019, the plane has been available to rent and it's attracted some attention. We can see why.

For any plane enthusiasts, this is the spot to head to. Or if you're missing flying, this is also an alternative option for a fun night's sleep — probably a more comfortable plane or 'camping' experience you'll have.

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