Lamborghini and Xiaomi Partner Up to Build an Electric Go-Kart

Lamborghini and Xiaomi Partner Up to Build an Electric Go-Kart

China-based tech giant Xiaomi made a curious partnership with Italian Lamborghini to develop the Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition. It might be the most affordable Lamborghini to date. There's one crucial catch though, it's not built to hit the highway, only racing tracks.


The new Ninebot GoKart Pro has a top speed of 25 mph (40 kph) and has a dismountable Segway-like self-balancing scooter mounted on its rear side. The tires on the rear are also intentionally built with less traction to be drift-friendly. The ones on the front are built to have more traction to provide a safer turning.

Another impressive and convenient feature concerning the wheels is the implementation of Ackermann steering. Which solves the problem of wheels tracing out circles with different circumferences when making a turn with the vehicle. This is sure to improve stability when making sharp turns.

There's also a functional pair of headlights and a rear wing, Xiaomi claims that the wing actually improves performance and handling. Also, there are four air intake holes which help cool the 432 Wh battery pack. The aforementioned battery pack can take the Ninebot around a 1300 feet (400 mt) racing track 62 laps. To spare you doing the maths, it equates to roughly 15.5 miles (25km).

The users are given the option of choosing from four different speed limit configurations from the Xiaomi smartphone app. So it could be safe to let younger pilots take the ride for a spin.

The ride also has four speakers that can be put to use in two ways. The obvious use is to blast the music of your liking through them, but you can also choose to play a responsive Lamborghini V8 or V12 engine model through them.

As it's not a street-permitted vehicle, users can fold the go-kart into a more compact state to carry it in the trunk of a car. It was announced that the model will be put up for sale for about $1450 USD tomorrow (August 25, 2020).

Watch the video: Xiaomi Ninebot Go-kart Pro Automobili Lamborghini Edition Unboxing (May 2021).