Lakester EV Breaks New Record With Tesla-Powered Motor

Lakester EV Breaks New Record With Tesla-Powered Motor

Another record particular to the electric vehicles has been set recently. And the vehicle, in fact, owes some part of its achievement to a Tesla powered motor.

The E2 class car is a part of The Electraliner Project, a quick teamwork between EV West and Hickey Speed, which has been developed and got to work only in three months.

Not just one trial

The Electraliner Lakester firstly completed its record attempt with a 211 mph with 50% of the power dialed back. It was just too close to the record set in 1997, which was 213 mph.


The next trial brought historical achievement. The record was set at 218.2mph, at this year's Speed Week event.

After completing the Southern California Timing Association's inspection on 14th of August, the team completed its runs step by step. They needed to take the short course at first to be able to switch to the long one.

Reportedly, the car is supposed to wait in impound overnight as a rule in Bonneville. No starting up the engine or driving is allowed. The only thing that can be done is to refuel the engine, and as it is an EV, the batteries were allowed to be swapped. In case of refusing the impound, the run that takes the team to the record gets canceled. The team, obviously, followed the rules and led their struggle to a new record.

Waits for the official statement

The bad news is, EV lovers have to wait for the record to be announced by the Southern California Timing Association.

The reports verified that the Lakester broke the record with a 218.2mph but the official documentation is not on the SCTA's results page yet which makes the record doesn't count until it's officially published.

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