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Star Trek Revived By This Borg Cosplay With 3D-Printed Parts

Star Trek Revived By This Borg Cosplay With 3D-Printed Parts

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If you're one of those hardcore Borg fans in Star Trek and never getting enough of the technology consumption as the Borgs did, you will love the IRL version of them. In fact, the costume itself is the real deal.

Physicist Marcin Poblocki, from Heywood Manchester, designed and created this kind of colorful but bold Borg costume as a tribute to the series.

Not a quick project

He admits that it took him a while and was not as easy as he expected. He made a long list including what to use and where to find them, using a motorbike body armor he bought as a base.

He reportedly spent 30 hours to get a prototype done, with arm, wire-spine, and armor implants. The elements were designed in Fusion 360 and 3D printed. Later on, they were attached to the body armor.


He indicates using a very long spine placed at the bottom and the top of the body armor, however, it is up to you to wear more (or less).

As for the designing of the masks, he used a sculpture software called ZBrush, which he describes as the challenging part, compared to the rest of the project. Still, he managed to create the perfect fit.

LEDs are his thing

Of course, Poblocki didn't forget about the LEDs to finish up with his project. He used only a single red LED light for his mask and furnished the body armor with a variety of colors.

For the final touch, he used motorized rotating elements on his arms, which are activated by 9V battery-motors.

Poblocki is really into handcrafts, of which he is a fan and you can find more on his profile. The majority of them includes LEDs, you can even find a "LED Ice Cream" that's cool!

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