Bugatti Relaunches 89-Year-Old EV Design 'Baby'

Bugatti Relaunches 89-Year-Old EV Design 'Baby'

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Type 35, built for the 1924 French Grand Prix in Lyon was a legendary race car in its day. It won around 2000 races. Now to celebrate their 110 anniversary, Bugatti is revisiting its electric vehicle Baby after almost a decade.

The original Baby was exclusively tailored for younger drivers, it was about 1/3rd the size of Type 35. Baby 2, On the other hand, is 3/4ths the size of Type 35, so it is suitable both for adults and children.

Baby 2 is hand-built, taking the original Type 35 as its design blueprint. To stay faithful to the original design as much as possible, it was digitally scanned.


Cool features

Much like its precedent Baby, the new model also operates on a rear-wheel-drive configuration. One key difference is that the removable battery packs, should you run out of battery mid-drive you can simply pop in another pack in a matter of minutes.

Harnessing the technology of today, Baby 2 also has a limited-slip differential, which diverts torque of a wheel to the other wheel if one of them loses traction ( for example due to ice or mud). Alongside this cool feature, there's also regenerative braking, which converts some of the kinetic energy resulting from braking back into electric energy to increase total mileage.

The cars, coming in three options (more on that later) have novice and expert modes. In the novice mode, the power is limited at 1 kW and the top speed is capped at 12 mph (20 kph). In the expert mode, however, the limit is 4 kW and the top speed cap is at 27 mph (45 kph). Also, customers are given the choice of getting their hands on a Speed Key upgrade, which disables the speed cap and upregulates power up to 10kW.

Baby 2 has 3 options

There will be 3 different options for Baby 2, namely: Base, Vitesse, and Pur Sang.

The base model comes with a 1.4 kWh battery pack, it delivers 1.3 HP in novice mode and 5.8 HP in the expert. The other two models, Vitesse and Pur Sang each have 2.8 kWh battery packs. Vitesse has a carbon fiber bodywork while Pur Sang has a hand-shaped aluminum bodywork (which takes 200 of pounding and shaping to produce). The aforementioned Speed Key (which is applicable to the latter two models) upgrade allows for a 13.4 HP output.

How many of them will be around?

The original baby was manufactured in 1926 and it was the work of founder Ettore Bugatti. It was for his son and was initially planned as a one-time project. Though the customers were enamored by the design and requests came pouring in.

In the end, Bugatti manufactured 500 copies of the original Baby. The same goes for Baby 2 as well, there will only be 500 of these babies throttling around.

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