Collector on a Hunt to Find 380 Copies of Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt

Collector on a Hunt to Find 380 Copies of Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt

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The saying that goes "one man's junk is another's treasure" has never been truer.

Chris Roberts is a man of old computer, VHS tape, and dusty game collections who has been pursuing this hobby since the 90s, and while gathering 342 copies of Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt might sound a bit insane to you, Robert is doing just that. And he is another 38 away from bringing the total of cartridges to 380, his ultimate goal.


Started collecting through the junk bundles he bought

What's special about Roberts is that he doesn't necessarily seek out the games, or at least, he didn't at first. He bought junk in bundles without knowing what's inside them and after one point, he started finding of the cartridge containing, the one and only, Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. The number of cartridges started climbing soon enough.

Roberts originally told his story to Vice, "I had initially put them to the side to later bundle up with a console and sell, but at the time I was using them as shelf filler, so I waited. As time went on, I had an idea for a picture, did the math, and realized I needed 343 to make that happen."

Mar10, because why not?

After collecting quite a few, this was the creation he came up with:

Happy Mario Day! #MAR10Day#mar10#supermariobrospic.twitter.com/9LDjmijVlH

— Chris Roberts (@cwr2) March 10, 2019

Of course, every creation needs a shelf it can sit on, so as a true collector, he built a cabinet by himself that would hold 380 of the cartridges. Well, since he didn't have that many, the only obvious thing that he could do was to find new ones until he filled the cabinet thoroughly.

Roberts still has 38 to go

He last tweeted on July 13, saying, "3 more added to [ma] [Mareo] collection, 38 to go for a complete set. 342/380" According to Vice, collection philanthropists out there will send him cartridges to make his "dream" come true.

So, the real question that we all are wondering has been asked by a Twitter user, which is whether he has a favorite among the cartridges of the same game.

Well, he apparently does:

This is his library in its entirety as of July 14, and needless to say, it goes on and on forever.

That's just one too many Duck Hunts. However, there is something so aesthetic about them stacked neatly next to each other.

The magical 380 is where he'll stop

You might be curious about what'll happen when he hits the magical 380. Well, Roberts plans to leave it there it seems.

"There's a fine line between doing something that people think is cool and what your family will have you committed for. I don't want to find that line."

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