Following Apple, Samsung May No Longer Include Chargers with New Phones

Following Apple, Samsung May No Longer Include Chargers with New Phones

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Rumors are circulating that Samsung may no longer include smartphone chargers with its new phones. The move would potentially start next year in a bid to minimize costs and help out the environment, as per Korean news site ETNews.

Samsung isn't the only company to make this move. Apple is also allegedly going to stop including chargers and earbuds with its new smartphone purchases, starting as early as the end of 2020.


Make sure to save your chargers

It's not to say chargers will altogether disappear. As per MacRumors' report on Apple and Samsung's moves, these will still be purchasable from the companies, just as an added extra.

Furthermore, with regards to upcoming Apple changes, the electronics company will apparently also phase out the 5W and 18W chargers that normally come with iPhones nowadays. Instead, a new and faster 20W charger will be able to be bought separately.

By not including chargers with each and every new smartphone, Samsung and Apple would most likely save costs. Moreover, they'll save even more by using smaller packaging as the phones' boxes will no longer have to be as large as they currently are to include chargers.

Moreover, the move could have a big impact on the environment. By removing chargers from all new phone purchases, the companies would be significantly reducing waste of unused chargers or chargers that are simply thrown out. Typically, people buy new phones but don't yet need to replace their power adapters, and these end up in the waste.

With regards to Samsung's potential upcoming shift, ETNews stated that there isn't a set date, however, it's looking highly likely that it'll happen at some point next year. There are concerns, however, that fewer people will buy their smartphones if power adapters are no longer included in the sale, so a type of "rewards of benefits" system may be put into place.

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