80-Year-Old Japanese Man Uses Excel to Create Dazzling Paintings

80-Year-Old Japanese Man Uses Excel to Create Dazzling Paintings

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There is no one way to create art, which is why it can be such a unifying experience that highlights the individual differences among us.

Japan's 80-year-old Tatsuo Horiuchi is one such individual whose paintings depict the beauty of the landscapes of Japan and its rich cultural and natural heritage; however, his work is especially special for one unique reason.

Horiuchi makes his art not by using pens, pencils, or canvas, but by painting on, surprisingly, Microsoft Excel.


Horiuchi's Excel journey started about twenty years ago when he was due to retire. On the hunt for a new hobby, he wanted to pursue a hobby that didn't require him to buy expensive supplies or software, which is why he started painting on his computer using Excel.

While he had never used the software, he was able to master the Excel painting technique in no time.

Six years after starting his Excel art journey, he even won the Autoshape Art Contest in 2006.

His artwork consists of delicate and harmonious mixtures that exhibit the gorgeous landscapes that are often mirrored in traditional Japanese paintings.

Some of his paintings have even been acquired by the local Gunma Museum of Art.

If you're skeptical about whether he actually created his paintings on Excel, you can check out the raw Excel files here.

If Horiuchi’s art captured you in a sense, you can order his paintings on his website.

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