This Pen Requires No Ink But Writes Forever

This Pen Requires No Ink But Writes Forever

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Can you imagine writing forever without having to replenish any ink? The Forever Pininfarina Cambiano Stylus affords you that luxury.

The pen is an exquisite wooden tool that allows you to write without ever needing to change ink cartridges. Despite that, it never runs dry just like your desire to communicate by writing your thoughts and feelings.

The Forever Pininfarina Cambiano Stylus is a joint development between NAPKIN®—an Italian company that has significant experience in design projects—and Pininfarina, a famed Italian design company that dates back to 1930. The pen is meant to be a celebration of both historic and modern writing.

It needs no ink, yet it brings to life the thoughts in our heads. It has no lead or graphite, but it allows us to draw, sketch and create whatever our imaginations can conceive of.

Get ready to write forever without ever changing an ink cartridge with this pen now for just $64.99 — over 49off its usual price.

Prices are subject to change.

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