California Gym Reopens With 10-Foot Separation Pods for COVID-19

California Gym Reopens With 10-Foot Separation Pods for COVID-19

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It's a question that's been on many people's minds: when will we next be able to safely go to an enclosed, crowded space like the gym, cinema, or a restaurant?

In a bid to have its members feel safe about returning, Inspire South Bay Fitness gym in California has reopened its doors amidst easing COVID-19 restrictions with a few changes.

Regulars might be surprised to see new individual workout pods to help halt the spread of the virus.


Keeping lean and keeping clean

Overall, there are nine of the individual pods, each of which of them is made out of shower curtains and pipes.

The pods, which are about ten feet tall and about six feet wide, each come equipped with dumbbells, a bench, and disinfectant wipes that are replenished throughout the day so that gymgoers can disinfect any gym equipment before they use it.

“It took us about 3 days to build our pods,” wrote gym owner Peet Sapsin under his Instagram post announcing the news.

That doesn't mean the gym is forgetting those who still want to stay at home: “We will also continue to host ZOOM classes until we have a vaccination," wrote the owner.

Following protocol

Once people are allowed to return to the gym, there will still be rules they must share to, as outlined in a video by Inspire South Bay.

Firstly, gymgoers must maintain a distance of 6 feet — x's outside the gym help people measure the distance. Secondly, everyone must use hand sanitizer when they enter. Lastly, a member of staff will check everyone's temperature before they enter.

As BoredPanda points out, some Facebook commenters loved the idea, while others thought it might backfire:

"Businesses must do what they can to stay afloat. I respect their determination," wrote Kee Hong.

Others suggested the initiative might just make things worse:

"Doesn't that humid and moist enclosure promote bacteria growth?", wrote Riley Dethier.

What do you think? Would you workout under such conditions, or are you going to wait on the weightlifting a little longer?

Watch the video: Shower Curtain Pods Help Keep People Socially Distant at Gym (August 2022).