This Coal-Fired Steam Motorbike Built by Technician Is a Steampunk Dream

This Coal-Fired Steam Motorbike Built by Technician Is a Steampunk Dream

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Mark Sanderson is, by his definition on Facebook, a self-employed professional groundwork and gardening technician, but it seems like he is also a coal-fired steam bike professional too, if his recent artwork is anything to go by.

On a post to a Facebook group called Traction Talk Members, he wrote, "Just finished building coal fired steam bike. Took four years." and posted the most amazing pictures you'll see of a steampunk motorbike today.


Homemade engine

While he hasn't reached back to us yet, in some Facebook comments he shared some details about the steampunk dream bike. Apparent the boiler is 4" Foster design. Moreover, he stated, "Engine is all homemade with crank and part of cases from a small Petter diesel engine."

Built in 4 years

It's just astonishing that the engine is completely homemade. Moreover, building such a thing in four years must have been quite an adventure.

While steampunk motorbikes don't come in plenty, it is even rarer to see one with a homemade steam engine that runs on coal. We are betting it would be a hot ride to use that thing!

And it actually works!

Afterwards, Sanderson posted videos of the motorbike running, and while the vehicle is understandably loud, it is just magical to see him using the thing. He wrote, "Here's the first steam up since total strip down for paint."

Look at that steam whistle!

Steampunk motorbikes unite

Sanderson's bike has joined the ranks of steampunk creations made by other artists that are almost always showstoppers.

For example, this custom-made BMW R0T motorcycle by Moscow-based Ziller Garage is definitely worth checking out. However, if you're one of the few who is completely bored by the innovative electric bikes, this absolutely unique, steam-powered motorbike inspired by Jack Sparrow will definitely tickle your fancy.

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