Minecraft Players Build the Largest City Ever, It Is Incredibly Realistic

Minecraft Players Build the Largest City Ever, It Is Incredibly Realistic

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Minecraft players are an ambitious bunch, and they never cease to amaze us with their realistic creations on a game that is basically made of blocks and sharp edges. Minecraft has probably surpassed what the creators of it thought it would ever be, and it is certainly thrilling to see different teams' different takes on the game.

Now, we welcome you to the city of Greenfield, which is the largest city on Minecraft and its construction dates back to August 2011.

Just a few days ago, Redditor @NJDaeger shared the latest update to their city Greenfield, stating "We've been working on this Minecraft City since 2011. This is where we've gotten so far in our journey." Let's just say it looks amazing.


Built using a 1:1 scale

The city is built using a 1:1 scale, which means 1 block equals 1 cubic meter, and it is constructed to make anyone feel like they are walking around a real city.

And it truly is like a true city with its tall skyscrapers, rich suburbs, factories, ports, city utilities, highways, railways, and subways.

Moreover, the map is filled with little secrets and Easter eggs for anyone curious enough to go out looking for them.

Started in 2011, still ongoing

Greenfield project started in 2011 and is still being worked on to this day. There are constantly new updates and new places to explore.

The map is so huge that it is hard to do it justice with a few photos.

The amount of detail and thought that goes into this thing is amazing. It is built to the smallest details, also on a carefully planned large scale.

There is no coronavirus on Minecraft

In such times where we are stuck at our homes with cities in lockdown, traveling through this map is a blessing. You can stroll through the streets corona-free, and have yourself a merry time while admiring the details that surround you.

You can check out the entirety of the map from here. It is seriously so cool and it feels like peering into Sims edition 68 with killer designs. Go ahead and download the map, you won't be disappointed.

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