Enormous 300-Car Barn Find to Be Auctioned With YouTuber's Help

Enormous 300-Car Barn Find to Be Auctioned With YouTuber's Help

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Before we start, you can be sure that there is a surprise in every corner of these barns, from classic muscle cars to rare supercars. This huge 300-car, three-barn find filled with rare Ferraris, Corvettes, Porches, and Lamborghinis have been unveiled by YouTuber and car preservationist Larry Kosilla.

AMMO NYC squad was called in to help clean up and prepare a large collection for sale by the anonymous owner of a car collection. These cars were hidden for 30 years, however, they'll now be auctioned with the YouTuber's help.

It is simply impossible not to be impressed with the owner's three barns since they have rare-finds from all over the world, which Kosilla hasn't seen all of them yet because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


According to the statements he gave to Business Insider, Kosilla was contacted by the friends of the owner who asked whether he could detail the cars three years ago.

Due to travel conflicts, it was only three years later that he could access the collection.

Earlier in 2020, Kosilla got a call from the owner who needed help because he was "running out of storage space in the warehouses", and it was becoming impossible to walk around the cars. What a dream...

The mysterious owner wanted to sell the majority of his collection of thirty years, except a few of which had sentimental value.

Walking through the barns must have been crazy since it is basically strolling along the history of a man who bought cars by "going wherever his heart went".

While the collector is a passionate car-lover, he doesn't work in the auto industry, according to Kosilla. Apparently, the anonymous collector knows "everything about every single one of the cars".

The storage of the cars was akin to Tetris since they were stacked and aligned as the time went by and another car joined them.

There is no specific order in which they are presented.

The storage had lifts that suspended a multitude of that cars in the air to allow for more space.

Kosilla's barn-find favorites are the Ford GT40s, a Ferrari Lusso, and a Lamborghini LM002 truck that might have been owned by Nicholas Cage at one point.

Once the quarantine is over, Kosilla hopes to hop on back the wagon, and "get them back into shape to be able to get in front of people to show the history."

The cars are likely to be auctioned in batches of about 10,20, or 100.

There is still one barn Kosilla hasn't been able to visit yet because of the lockdown. We are curious to see what another barn could bring into play at this point, maybe NASA's Saturn V Launch Vehicle? We wouldn't be surprised.

H/T Business Insider

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