Man Finds Vertebrae Bones on the Beach, Puts Them Back Together Like a Puzzle

Man Finds Vertebrae Bones on the Beach, Puts Them Back Together Like a Puzzle

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Whether you call it mildly interesting or mildly creepy, recently, one Reddit user shared photographs of a bunch of vertebrae found by their brother on the beach. The first photo, shared by user @mus3man42, shows the yellow-tainted bones in the order of height.

Their brother must have been a big puzzle fan who was in need of his next fix since upon finding it, what he did was to put them back together like a puzzle.

The resulting skeleton looks like it could get vertical to find the rest of its body during "A Night in Museum".


The timing of the event is not clear; however, it would make a lot of sense if this was the endeavor of a quarantined and bored mind. When asked about the age of their brother and whether this interested them as a job, they replied "He's in his mid-thirties. Just a curious/smart guy."

Possible dolphin bones

They didn't provide any other information on their Reddit post; however, they asked the question of "Anyone know what animal they might have belonged to? He thinks it’s from a dolphin."

As you'd imagine there were a lot of helpful comments from the Redditors.

The majority of the comments agreed on it looks like a dolphin, none of them were marine biologists though.

Here is how a dolphin's spine looks like:

And here is how a dolphin vertebra looks like:

It is safe to say they are a close match since his findings look very similar to a Bottlenose dolphin's spine and vertebrae.

It is illegal to own bones from marine animals in the United States

However, some Redditors were quick to chip in since, apparently, it is illegal to own bones and artifacts from marine mammals without a very specific permit.

As one Reddit user, @ShockandAubrey said, "Hey, if your brother is in the United States this is really important. It's almost always illegal to own bones and artifacts from marine mammals unless you have very specific permits. And I'm pretty sure this is a marine mammal of some kind, almost definitely a dolphin or porpoise. It doesn't matter if you killed the animal or found the bones on the beach, the law treats them the same."

NOAA on ownership of marine mammals bones

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) state that while you may collect and keep any bones, teeth, or ivory from a non-ESA (Endangered Species Conservation) listed marine mammal found on a beach, you must first get it identified and registered with the nearest NOAA Fisheries Regional Office.

It is only that if they are not endangered that you'll be allowed to keep them. The more you know!

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