Tesla Model Y Could See Delivery March 13

Tesla Model Y Could See Delivery March 13

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Tesla built its 1 millionth vehicle this week, and the automaker already seems poised to deliver the new Model Y tomorrow, reports CNET.


Tesla's Model Y comes early

Earlier, Electrek reported on a handful of Tesla customers who received text messages and other confirmations through their Tesla accounts, saying that they should be in their new Model Y SUVs by Friday, March 13.

Before this, Tesla had Model Y deliveries set for March 15, to continue through March.

Tesla's fan base is an open secret, with more than 1,000 customers globally working to create a gigantic Google Sheets document, just to emphasize the rapid ship-out of the automaker's electric SUVs. According to documents and delivery confirmation photos, one customer is due to receive their Model Y in Washington state, and another in Oregon. Others have also reported deliveries set for this weekend, throughout California.

From the images, it looks like the EVs have five-seat configurations.

Model Y specs

Tesla's quick its Model Y rollout reflects the earlier speedy release of the Model 3. The company's plant in Fremont, California started manufacturing this past January, to launch the Model Y SUV early. Boosted range ratings were also among Tesla's promises, which were met: performance of the Model Y is estimated by the EPA at 315 miles per charge. It's also the most efficient EV of its class, scoring a 121 mpg-equivalent rating.

Tesla also has plans to expand the Model Y production. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, recently tweeted that the automaker is scouting locations in the central U.S. for a new Cybertruck Gigafactory equipped to build the Model Y for East-Coast orders. However, Tesla told Roadshow it had nothing more to add to Musk's tweet about the new factory.

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