Father and Son Build New Electric Motor That Can Revolutionize Electric Cars

Father and Son Build New Electric Motor That Can Revolutionize Electric Cars

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Linear Labs, which started as a father-son project, claims to have reinvented the electric vehicle motor, and their Hunstable Electric Turbine promises three times the torque and twice the power of any other of its kind.

Here is some information on electric motors before we dive in: They are generally very efficient; however, one problem with them is the needed gear reduction device due to the speeds at which they tend to rotate. This reduces the wheel speed while multiplying torque and takes back 10,000 RPM (revolutions per minute) from the motor.

Linear Labs invented a turbine that doesn’t need to spin that fast to make enough power and torque to drive a vehicle.


Moreover, this enables automakers to make all kinds of changes to the electric cars' design since not needing a gearbox saves a lot of weight and space. The abundance of space can increase the size of a battery pack, and the reduced weight could make improving handling, rage, and acceleration possible.

The magic Hunstable Electric Turbine (HET), made by father and son Brad and Fred Hunstable, could change electric vehicles forever, and here is how it can do it.

HET differs from many electric motors with its four rotors rather than the regular single unit. That acts on the motor's coils to create rotation.

Thanks to endplates that rotate independently to weaken magnetic fields, the number of coils the rotors interact with is variable. This allows HET to be infinitely variable for power and torque.

Another bright side is that it can be constructed with affordable and widely available iron ferrite magnets.

The first transportation application is expected to be in micro-mobility, particularly in scooters and e-bikes, in 2020. The electric cars will follow through in 2021.

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