World's Rarest Console, the Nintento PlayStation, Is up For Auction

World's Rarest Console, the Nintento PlayStation, Is up For Auction

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There are a number of Nintendo consoles and PlayStations out there, but a Nintendo PlayStation console as one? As far as has been publicized, there's only one that exists, and it's currently on sale.

Auctioned at Heritage Auctions, the console is on the market for the next 22 days, and is currently priced at $31,000. The number is bound to keep increasing, it was at $15,000 just yesterday.


The world's only Nintendo PlayStation

First discovered in an estate sale back in 2015, the up-until-then-fabled Nintendo PlayStation became a reality. The device's handlers then took it on a five-year world tour, showcasing it to all those interested, and recently decided to stop.

Now, the Nintendo PlayStation is up for grabs and currently being auctioned off at Heritage Auctions.

Bids are increasing daily, with the bid at $31,000 as of the time of publishing of this article.

There are still 22 days left to go, in which time you could claim the infamous console as your own.

As the only one of its kind, the Nintendo PlayStation is considered the world's rarest console in existence. It also looked like it was the last collaboration between Nintendo and PlayStation before their Super Nintendo CD-ROM plan didn't go through due to licensing deals.

As per the listing, here is the proper back story to the console:

"At one time, this particular unit was owned by the founder, first president, and first chief executive officer of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. Olaf Olafsson. Olaf eventually left Sony to join Advanta Corporation and became its president in 1998. A little over a year later, Olaf left Advanta to join Time Warner—but he left his Nintendo PlayStation prototype behind at Advanta. Roughly around this time, Advanta filed for bankruptcy and began gathering up everything in their corporate office to sell at auction. As the story goes, the Nintendo PlayStation prototype was grouped together with some miscellaneous items that [were] boxed up with a group lot, the contents of which were veiled. A nice Easter egg for the winning bidder, indeed!"

According to the listing, there were apparently 200 prototypes of the console made, and that the other 199 have yet to be discovered. Let's see if more come to light during this auction.

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