A Plastic Indoors Airplane Tent to Protect from the Coronavirus

A Plastic Indoors Airplane Tent to Protect from the Coronavirus

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One airplane passenger must have been treated to an unusual sight when boarding on his plane this week. Sitting next to him was a man wearing a full plastic tent.


The first assumption, of course, is that it was designed to protect him against the coronavirus.

Although Rick Pescovitz, CEO of StadiumPod, was wearing it for such a purpose, the tent was actually invented for those who want to remain dry during sports events.

His brother David Blogged about the event on BoingBoing, and the news soon went viral.

David told blog Boing Boing that a flight attendant was glad to take his brother's photo after he wore one of his blue tents on a plane.

"As travelers are taking unusual steps to protect themselves from the brother thought to see how his StadiumPod would work on an airplane," David said.

"The man who sat next to him didn't even bat an eye.

Stay safe out there!"

It's unclear just how effective the tent is in keeping the passenger safe against the coronavirus. For that information, we would need the advice of some medical experts.

For now, the best course of action remains to wash your hands thoroughly and avoid contaminated areas.

What do you think Pescovitz's stunt? Was it just an attempt to sell more of his sports tents or a genuine approach to tackling an increasingly deadly virus?

From the looks of the picture, though, it seems that the tent is quite an ingenious way to keep viruses at bay.

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