The Ponderosa: A Classic Chevy 1966 Pickup Truck Has Been Revamped and It's Striking

The Ponderosa: A Classic Chevy 1966 Pickup Truck Has Been Revamped and It's Striking

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Fans of vintage cars will undoubtedly adore this redone 1964 to 1966 550HP Chevrolet pickup truck. Now called the Ponderosa, Idaho-based Rtech Fabrications put this beauty together and it's never looked so good.

The truck was beloved then, and it surely will be once again with its new look and touch-ups.

Vintage is "in" in the 21st Century, and restomodding classic cars is all the rage.


Elongated and heightened 2020 version

This state-of-the-art version of the 1966 Chevy pickup truck has been elongated to a length of 20 feet, and its height has been increased to reach eight feet high. It's quite the truck to behold.

Two additional backseats and doors have also been included, offering more legroom for ease of comfort.

Even though its height and length have been dappled with, its classic look and lines remain the same, including the striking light green paint job.

Another added feature that is bound to excite avid car fans is its Cummins diesel engine that gives the truck 550 horsepower, and 1,300 pound-feet of torque. It's powerful, to say the least.

Other modifications have meant that the truck is now truly all-powerful. A Competition Camshaft cam, Mahle pistons, a ported and polished head, and an upgraded turbo and intercooler have all been added to the flashy Ponderosa.

The truck's exterior has also been modified to include rigidity-improving tactics such as extra bracing in its roof, and tubular steel rocker panels. Inside, you'll find a bunch of retro-inspired instrumentation that includes cruise control, air conditioning, and a Bluetooth stereo to play whatever strikes your fancy on the installed Kenwood speakers.

These are but a few of the custom-made touch-ups that Rtech Fabrications have added to the Ponderosa. The price starts at $150,000, and it's sure to be a sell-out.

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