Sony Announces Vision S Electric Concept Car and New PS5 Logo

Sony Announces Vision S Electric Concept Car and New PS5 Logo

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At CES 2020, Sony revealed something that to our knowledge, the company has never released before: a car.

The company unveiled the Vision S concept car that is being used as a proving ground for all of their latest car automotive technology. The car is fitted with over 30 of Sony's CMOS sensors, inside and out, which are used in the industry for increased autonomy.

The car is also fitted with 360˚ Reality Audio, a new automotive entertainment feature from Sony.

Sony is focusing heavily on the future of mobility, one of the key reasons they worked to design and manufacture this concept car with many other automotive companies in the industry.

While not much else was revealed about the car, Sony's initial presentation for CES served as an overview of the future of a variety of their technologies, including the highly anticipated Playstation 5.


The PS5 is coming during the winter of 2020, much like the new Xbox Series X showed off by Microsoft earlier this year. Notably, during Sony's discussion of the PS5, they announced that the PS4 has sold 104 million units, which makes it the best-selling gaming console, second only to the PS2, having sold 158 million units.

The biggest announcement about the PS5 during the event was, somewhat dissapointingly, only the new logo for the console.

Other details about the PS5 have been kept under lock and key it seems. We know that the new console will support 8K graphics and ray tracing from previous events. We also know that the PS5 will be backward compatible.

As far as that goes, little else is known beyond the consoles potential hardware specs like GPU and CPU. More information about the PS5 probably won't be announced at CES this year as Sony is likely to hold a private keynote or announce during E3 this year.

The Vision S and the PS5 logo weren't the only things Sony made note of at CES, you can watch the entire live stream here.

Watch the video: See Sonys Vision-S car concept at CES 2020 (January 2023).