Mercedes-Benz X-Class EXY 6×6 Is the Pickup Truck of Your Dreams

Mercedes-Benz X-Class EXY 6×6 Is the Pickup Truck of Your Dreams

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Polish company Carlex Design, in association with Pickup Design, has transformed the Mercedes-Benz X-Class into the EXY Monster X, a 6×6 pickup truck that is bound to make you dream. The truck comes in seven versions: EXY Extreme, EXY Yachting, EXY GTX, EXY Urban, EXY Extreme +, EXY off-road, and EXY Carbon X.


Stretching the vehicle

The two firms have succeeded in stretching the vehicle, adding two extra wheels and an extra axle. The car has also been upgraded with carbon fiber construction throughout the entire body. Nifty stuff!

The car has also been lowered and widened. It now boasts ceramic-carbon discs for race track use.

Two winches garner its front and rear, meaning it can serve as a track safety vehicle. Even the interiors have been beefed up.

"The interior dynamic style has been emphasized with an eye-catching embroidered pattern and embossed motifs. The classic character of the car has been marked with nappa leather," was stated on the page of the EXY Extreme.

The car comes with the option of reshaped leather and Alcantara sports seats. It also comes with the unique Carlex Design StyleRack that offers the option to carry 1-3 bikes and is equipped with an electric lifting system.

The rest of the versions all offer their own features, each more impressive than the rest. If you want to find out about all of EXY Monster X's different versions, make sure to visit Carlex Design.

Watch the video: Mercedes X-Class 6x6 Pickup Custom Exy Monster X Concept (December 2022).