Replica Cybertruck Caught on Camera in Moscow

Replica Cybertruck Caught on Camera in Moscow

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It's always been a common thing to copy what's famous. For some, it's chunky Balenciagas, and for some, it's the most famous vehicle in the whole world, which is Cybertruck.


It's been only 1 month since Cybertruck was unveiled but it became so famous and popular quickly and even if it's not on the market yet, people started to make replicas of it.

A miniature knock-off version of Tesla's Cybertruck was caught on camera in Moscow.

Well, the knock-off Cybertruck is hardly(!) distinguishable from the original one.

The fake version was made by a Youtube channel called "Pushka Garazh." It was modified out of an old Soviet car, which is the Samara model of the car brand Lada.

The builders of the car said in an interview that the car now works with gasoline, but they might create an electrical version of it in the future to make it more like the original one.

Tesla's new Cybertruck isn't on sale yet, but it's been spotted in driveways a couple of times. Elon Musk was one of the people who were caught with the new Cybertruck, but it seems like this replica Cybertruck wants to steal the show from the original Cybertruck drivers.

Until the release of Cybertruck to the market, we must enjoy the fake versions of it. Seems like intellectual property is nothing important for Russians, so who knows, maybe we'll see more fake versions of Cybertruck than the original one in the future.

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