Physics Professor Shows How You Can Turn Dull Physics Classes into the Most Entertaining Thing Ever

Physics Professor Shows How You Can Turn Dull Physics Classes into the Most Entertaining Thing Ever

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Keeping up with the class in college and understanding classes such as physics can be pretty difficult and boring for students. And we all know the importance of fun and giving professors and how much difference s/he can make in the process of understanding a class.


It seems like this physics professor, David Wright, from Tidewater Community College found the bug of making a physicsclass fun; he has unconventional and pretty entertaining teaching methods which make him famous and respected among his students.

One of his students shared a compilation video of the crazy things David Wright did to make his classes fun.

David Wright says, "We're hoping they'll make the connections between the classroom and the real world. The best way to help them make those connections is to take them to the real world. I like to have fun, I like to play with toys, physics is a lot of toys. If I don't get excited about the subject, my students definitely won't. If I can get people excited about science, that would be amazing. If you just memorize all of this stuff, it would be a torturous class, if they get the key idea, then everything else becomes natural. It ties into everyday life, your motion, your forces that you feel and hopefully we'll get them thinking everything in life relates to physics."

Wright is in his 70's but he still has it. He makes his class pretty interactive, take the students outside, make crazy experiments, and it seems like students love his unconventional teaching style.

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