15 of The Best Science Toys That Money Can Buy

15 of The Best Science Toys That Money Can Buy

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Here we have tried to provide examples from each major scientific discipline including biology, chemistry, and physics.


Can children learn about science with toys?

Educational toys of any kind, including science-based ones, are specifically designed to either introduce or reinforce a child's knowledge of a particular subject They come in many different forms depending on the scientific discipline they specialize in.

For example, science toys could include lab equipment, safe chemicals or other materials to introduce some basic chemistry concepts. Most toys will also usually include a manual or other reference materials to guide their learning.

Some may even be multimedia including either an app or audiovisual supplements to help children assimilate a scientific concept or principle. But the best way for children to learn from play is to share the experience with their parents and peers.

What are the best science toys?

So without further ado, here are 15 of the best science toys around for your little bundle of joy. The following list is in no particular order and is far from exhaustive.

1. Get them their own Thames and Cosmos First Chemistry Set

Developed and released by Thames and Kosmos, the Kids First Chemistry Set is an essential introduction to the world of science. It comes complete with all the materials and equipment they will need to complete some basic experiments.

Its accompanying full-color manual will hold their hand as they explore the wonderful world of chemical reactions in the safety of their own home.

2. Scientific Explorer's My First Mind Blowing Science is another great choice

Scientific Explorer's My First Mind Blowing Science is yet another basic science experimentation kit that is simply perfect as a gift for aspiring young scientists. This 20-piece set will open their minds to some of the basic fundamentals of STEM in no time at all.

It is designed for children aged 6 years plus but adult supervision is recommended for younger users.

3. Break open some geodes with this great National Geographic toy

Produced by the venerable National Geographic magazine, this toy lets children embrace their destructive tendencies. It comes with 10 geodes, safety equipment, and hammer to safely break them open and explore their contents.

Each geode is 100% natural and can range in size from that of a tennis ball to a pin-pong ball.

4. LEGO and Klutz's Chain Reactions science and building kit might just be the perfect science toy

No list of educational children's toys would be complete without an entry, or two, from LEGO. Their Chain Reactions science and building kit might just be the perfect science toy for kids.

Kids get to build any one of ten amazing moving machines that will expand and test their knowledge of STEM to the limit.

5. Let your kids make a mess with this great toy

Every parent knows that it is only a matter of time before their child makes an unsightly mess. So, with this toy from National Geographic, you can happily let them do so safe in the knowledge they are actually learning something.

Let them unleash their inner paleontologist with this neat Mega Fossil Dig Kit.

6. Why not get them their first microscope?

The AmScope 120X-1200X Beginner Microscope might be the best science "toy" you can ever buy your child. Let them unleash their curiosity by peeking into the microscopic realm at their leisure.

The microscope has a metal frame and comes complete with slides and a handy carrying box.

7. Introduce them to the world of anatomy with the SmartLab Squishy Human Body

SmartLab's Squishy Human Body toy is a great choice for less squeamish children. Help them understand and visualize how the human body works and is put together with this great science toy.

8. Learn science with bubbles with Kidzlabs Bubble Science

Introduce your budding scientists the wonderful science of bubbles with 4M's KidzLabs Bubble Science. The kit comes with a variety of tools needed to make giant bubbles, bubble films and much more.

It also includes some recipes for them to make their own high-quality bubble mixture. A great choice for children of all ages.

9. The Thames and Kosmos Magnetic Science Kit is another great choice

Another offering from Thames and Kosmos, their Magnetic Science Kit is a great gift for any occasion. Expose your precious little ones to the magical and mysterious world of magnetism with this fun and educational toy.

It has all the bits needed to complete one of 33 experiments and games. They can even build an electromagnet if their skills are up to the task.

10. National Geographic's Shark Tooth Dig Kit is another great choice

National Geographic's Shark Tooth Dig Kit is perfect for kids who are fascinated with sharks. The kit lets them dig out, at their leisure, 3 real fossil shark teeth from different species.

Once excavated, the kit then shows them how to identify which species of shark it comes from. This makes an ideal science gift for any occasion.

11. Let them play with gravity with the Ravensburger Gravitrax Starter Set

While a little on the pricier side, the Ravensburger Gravitrax Starter Set is a great science toy for kids. This innovative marble run comes with 122 pieces and is designed for children 8 years plus.

Kids will get to either build template marble runs or design and build their own. Hours of fun and creative thinking are almost guaranteed.

12. 4M's Clean Water Science is a great science toy for kids

Also produced by 4M, the Clean Water Science kit will teach children some of the basic concepts of this wonder material. It comes with a desalination kit, plastic filtration kit and many other interesting water-based experiments.

It is perfect for any young science enthusiast and it might even teach adults a thing or two.

13. Build stuff with magnets with the LiKee Sculpture Magnet Building Block Kit

Produced by LiKee, this kit comes complete with 216 mini magnetic building blocks. Kids can let their imagination run riot as they design and build anything their heart desires from tiny magnets.

It is also a great gift for adults.

14. 4M's Solar System Planetarium is a great introduction to the wonders of astronomy

Yet another offering from 4M, their Solar System Planetarium is another great science toy for kids. This kit allows budding-astronomers to build their own replica of our Solar System in miniature.

No batteries are needed and it comes with all the instructions and parts they need to complete the task.

15. ELifeBox Insect Specimen Set is another great choice

And last, but by no means least, the ElifeBox's Insect Specimen Set will unlock the entomologist within your child. It comes complete with 6 real ex-insects encased in a clear lucite-acrylic resin block.

You kids will be able to get up close and personal with a spider, scorpion, Huechys Sanguinea, Flower Chafers, Cicada, and a Spotted Lanternfly.



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