World's Fastest Tractor Breaks Guinness World Record

World's Fastest Tractor Breaks Guinness World Record

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You might recognize J.C. Bamford Excavators Ltd. (JCB). This summer they released a video where their Fastrac One tractor hit a record 167 km/h (104 mph).

Back and faster

Now, they are back with a newer version of their tractor that has once again entered the Guinness Book of World Records. This improved version managed to hit 241.4 km/h (150 mph) during the Guinness run with an average speed of 217.6 km/h (135.2 mph).

The new Fastrac Two tractor was driven by motorbike racer and lorry mechanic Guy Martin. It was 10% lighter and even more streamlined than Fastrac One.


"When we reached 103.6mph with the Fastrac in the summer, I was convinced we could go even faster, and the JCB team has risen to the challenge by setting this new record. It’s an amazing achievement delivered by a young and enthusiastic engineering team," said JCB Chairman Lord Bamford in a press statement.

New and improved

Fastrac Two maintained the same design principles as its predecessor but some important changes were made to increase its speed. For starters, the tractor’s bonnet was changed from steel to aluminium.

Streamlined bodywork was used to give Fastrac Two a 10% reduction in drag over Fastrac One. This resulted in the development of new cab air deflectors, a new rear cover, re-designed radiator covers, new side panels, front bumper and cab roof.

Its 7.2 litre, 6-cylinder JCB Dieselmax engine was given a new, larger turbocharger while a revised exhaust manifold contributed to improved flow. Several other powertain improvements were made to reach a peak output of 1,016hp at 3,150rpm, and over 2,500Nm of torque.

The tractor was made to be economical needing only a tiny 20-litre fuel tank to make its runs. The record-breaking Fastrac also had to meet some stringent breaking demands to stop at such high speeds.

“The Fastrac’s advanced split-type air/hydraulic braking system was uprated with different brake pads and discs, but still using the tractor’s standard callipers. We also added a parachute on this version as an extra level of safety. Fortunately, we didn’t need to deploy it as all our engineering calculations meant that Guy Martin could comfortably stop the tractor from speed, after each run," added Tim Burnhope, JCB's Chief Innovation & Growth Officer.

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