3 wheeler all-electric vintage vehicle from Morgan

3 wheeler all-electric vintage vehicle from Morgan

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Morgan, the British Motoring company revealed their plans for the production of a version of their classic 3 wheeler by way of an all-electric version. The concept of the EV3 happens to be the second Morgan electric vehicle with the base on a vehicle that was reintroduced by Morgan during 2011. This was 100 years after the creation of the first three wheel car created by H.F.S Morgan as a personal run-around.

[Image Source: Morgan Motors]

The concept of the EV3 takes on a lot of the same design but this time around it has been given a single electric motor at the back and this offers 45kW of power which is about 100 horses. At the moment we don’t know where the battery pack would be located but we do know that the weight of the car is 450kg. This happens to be less than the 2.0 litre with the V-Twin engine.

[Image Source: Morgan Motors]

Morgan is testing a prototype, which will make its debut at the Goodwood Festival and the range is thought to be around 150 miles. Morgan plans on getting the vehicle into production towards the latter half of 2016 and as with all their vehicles it is made by hand and on a made to order basis. While this isn't going to be a vehicle that many will want to take on the highways for a daily spin, there is little doubt that fans of Morgan who have the means will be placing an order and getting on the waiting list.

[Image Source: Morgan Motors]

Watch the video: Morgan Three Wheeler Super Sports 1934 (September 2022).


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