Sound Torch sets your music on fire

Sound Torch sets your music on fire

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The Sound Torch is a Bluetooth speaker that sets your music on fire thanks to a unique visual experience due to it having a pyro board built in. The visuals are based on formations that it builds depending upon what you are playing.

[Image Source: Sound Torch]

The Sound Torch creates flames that are dependent on what music is coming from the speaker. It has a pyro board that has small holes and gas is pushed through them to create the flames with the sound waves coming from the music creating levels of activity that are high or low. This then determines how strong the spread of the gas is through the holes and the result of this are flames that looks as though they are dancing along in time to whatever music is being played.

[Image Source: Sound Torch]

Any Bluetooth audio device can be connected to the Sound Torch and the system comes with a battery that is said to last for up to 12 hours before it needs to be recharged. The pyro board is powered by lighter fluid and this has a capacity of around 4 hours and then it needs to be filled up again.

[Image Source: Sound Torch]

A smartphone app works with the device and this allows the owner to interact with the board directly. It also means that you can use the Sound Torch device to send out flames even when there is no music being played.

[Image Source: Sound Torch]

As the Sound Torch emits real flames it is suitable only for people over the age of 18 and it comes with safety features. One of the safety features is that the device will shut off if the temperature is too high, no input has been detected or the speaker gets knocked onto the floor.

At the moment the device is on Kickstarter and the developers of it are hoping to raise US$30,000. You can pledge $160 to get hold of the Sound Torch when it is ready for shipping.

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