Link modular design furniture can be linked together

Link modular design furniture can be linked together

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There is plenty of modular furniture on the market but none that gives as much freedom for design as the Link modular furniture created by Christian Sjöström. With this furniture you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to designing and putting together a unique piece of furniture.

[Image Source: Christian Sjöström]

Link is a playful modular design furniture system that can adapt to your needs to suit any room and be changed to meet any situation as it arrives. The Danish designer took influence from molecular structures and it is a system of components that can be freely linked together so that the user can design, sculpt and build their own furniture.

[Image Source: Christian Sjöström]

The whole idea of the modular furniture was to allow people to make a functional piece of furniture based on their own design. The parts of the system are simple; there are three lengths of wood each with a different length and each with a ball joint on the end. This joint allows for the connection of any two lengths and there are no rules about what can be joined together. The designer of the system made a prototype using ash and ball-joints of the 3D printed SLS material and showed off what was possible with the system by making a table.

[Image Source: Christian Sjöström]

Link is perfect for anyone who soon gets bored as furniture styles can change on a whim and based on what you need at the time. Structures from bookcases to end tables and small tables can be made very easily simply by linking various pieces and different lengths of the wood together. Your furniture will be limited only by your imagination.

[Image Source: Christian Sjöström]

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