World’s most valuable guitar from Gibson and Coronet

World’s most valuable guitar from Gibson and Coronet

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The Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Show isn't where you would typically associate seeing a Gibson guitar; that is unless it’s the world most valuable guitar valued at US$2 million and it comes detailed in diamonds. This is the event where the guitar maker Gibson alongside Coronet chose to show off the Eden of Coronet.

[Image Source: Gibson]

The Eden of Coronet has been officially verified as being the world’s most valuable guitar, thanks to the fact it is embedded with over 400 carat white diamonds embedded into the design. It has 1.6kg of 18k gold and is said to be the first collaboration between the guitar maker and Coronet, the jewelry designer.

[Image Source: Gibson]

The guitar has two humbucking pickups that are covered along with chrome hardware and on the right of the neck pick up is the Mark Lui Design Works nameplate along with Coronet plate. The Eden of Coronet comes with a three way pickup selector, with the instrument jack being seen and the volume knobs along with the two tone knobs being hidden away under the diamonds. The guitar is much more than just a stunning piece of art though as it is fully playable.

[Image Source: Gibson]

It took more than 700 days of days of work from a team made up of 68 people and at the Baselworld event Guinness World Records confirmed that it is the most valuable in the world.

[Image Source: Gibson]

The CEO of Gibson said that the diamond encrusted guitar is a masterpiece while at the same time announcing it was "definitely an important milestone for what we target to achieve." Perhaps the Eden of Cornet is going to be just the first in a series of jewel encrusted guitars?

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