The Tera Rug brings interactive exercise training into the home

The Tera Rug brings interactive exercise training into the home

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It doesn't matter whether you buy the same gym equipment for the home that you would get in the gym, when you exercise at home it’s just never the same. Lunar Europe took up the challenge of creating concept exercise equipment that offered a workout that was more tailored to the home. They came up with Tera, which is in an interactive concept bringing together home decoration and home fitness. When it isn't being used for exercise it is a normal wool rug and when you want to work out it turns into a piece of high tech exercise equipment.

[Image Source: Lunar Europe]

When you want to work out you would choose what you wanted to do; for instance, Pilates or yoga. The Tera Mat has LED lights on the surface that guide you into the correct movements as you work out. The surface is pressure sensitive and this means that a high level of accuracy can be detected when it comes to the body being in the correct position. There is also an app for smartphones that tracks your workout and offers feedback on how well you're doing.

[Image Source: Lunar Europe]

The smartphone app is able to analyse the workout and it could then be shared with a personal trainer at the gym or you could just show off how well you have done via social media.

When not being used for exercise then nobody is gunna guess what it actually is as it just looks like a normal rug with an interesting pattern.

The Tera Mat is a concept at the moment and the fitness tool has already gained several design awards for innovation, so who knows, maybe we could see it on the market in the near future.

[Image Source: Lunar Europe]

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