Mars levitating speaker gives all round better sound

Mars levitating speaker gives all round better sound

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The Mars Bluetooth speaker from Crazybaby, a start-up company based in Hong Kong, is taking a fresh look at speaker design as they have come up with a levitating speaker that can project sound from every surface.

[Image Source: Crazybaby]

The Mars speaker has a cylindrical charging station and this also doubles up as the excursion subwoofer at 3.7 inches providing a nice bass boost and it also features two USB ports for charging devices as well. Thanks to the speaker being suspended in the air, waves are not absorbed by the surface it rests on and the designer’s claim that this helps when it comes to improving the sound quality.

[Image Source: Crazybaby]

The speaker is said to be waterproof up to three feet and it can automatically recharge as soon as it is docked in the base. It can be carried around in a bag just the same as any other Bluetooth speaker and it is said to offer up to eight hours of play. There is also an app for Android and iOS devices that works with the speaker.

[Image Source: Crazybaby]

One feature that stands out is proximity volume. The Mars speaker is able to identify how close the person playing the music is to the speaker and can then adjust the volume of the sound to match. As it comes with an integrated microphone it can act as a speakerphone too so you can answer your calls seamlessly.

[Image Source: Crazybaby]

It has already breached its fundraising target of US$100 000 on Indiegogo and the campaign runs until January 1. Early backers managed to get their hands on one for $169 and if all goes to plan, shipping should start in April.

[Image Source: Crazybaby]

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