These Nesting Knives Take Up Just the Space That a Single Knife Would Take

These Nesting Knives Take Up Just the Space That a Single Knife Would Take

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The Deglon Meeting Knife Set happens to be one of the most stylish and unique knife sets to have been designed. This is a set of four kitchen knives that cleverly nest into each other’s bodies and so take up just the space that a single knife would take. The knife set is a work of art as it looks stunning on the work surface of any modern designer kitchen and despite its looks, they also function as normal knives.

The nesting knives were designed by Mia Schmallenback at Deglon and they came top when entered into the 5th European Cutlery Design Award competition. When the knives are taken out separately they do have some strange shapes, but they do the job they were designed to do and they are durable despite their appearance.

[Image Source: Deglon]

The knife set contains a paring knife of 3.25 inches, a utility knife of 4.25 inches, a Chef’s knife at 8 inches and a slicer at 8.75 inches. The knives have a steel block that is home to the set when they all nest together beautifully, offering a sleek display when not in use. When they are all nested together the knives take on the appearance of a metal sculpture. This means that you would want to keep the set out on the show where your friends and family could see them.

[Image Source: Deglon]

Removal of a knife is quite easy despite them all being nested together, due to the clever design of each of the knives. All you have to do is press close to the tip of the knife gently and the handle will rise up from the set a notch. You can then just lift it up via the handle and remove the knife from the set. The set has been designed in high-quality stainless steel, which means that you should get many years of use from it.

The Deglon Meeting Knife Set is available for $1030 and looks stunning along with being functional.

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