The BottleLoft sticks your beer to the fridge ceiling, freeing up shelves

The BottleLoft sticks your beer to the fridge ceiling, freeing up shelves

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Sometimes the best inventions are the simplest and they make you wonder why you never thought them up. The bottleLoft is a nifty idea that will have beer drinkers (or maybe their spouses) interested, a little device that frees up space on the fridge shelves as it allows you to stick your bottles to the ceiling.

[Image Source: BottleLoft]

You can hang up bottles so that they are not taking up space on the shelves of the fridge thanks to the system that uses strong neodymium magnets that have been embedded into narrow plastic rails. These rails can be attached to the fridges ceiling and then your bottles can be suspended from them.

[Image Source: BottleLoft]

[Image Source: BottleLoft]

The bottleLoft can hold three bottles and there is nothing stopping you from having them across the whole width of the ceiling of the fridge. The rails strong adhesive allowing them to be fixed solidly and this adhesive is a low temperature grade of 3M VHB. This ensures that it is strong enough to hold your bottles but it can be removed with a putty knife if you want to take them off.

[Image Source: BottleLoft]

At the moment the bottleLoft is being funded through KickStarter and has already doubled its target of US$20,000. Brian Conti of Strong like Bull Magnets wants to raise funds to begin mass volume production of the patent pending idea. You can get your hands on one bottleLoft for a pledge of US$20, $39 will get you two of them and if you want four it will set you back $69. As per usual these prices are cheaper than the set price for commercial release.

[Image Source: BottleLoft]

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