Hamster wheel washing machine cleans your clothes as you run

Hamster wheel washing machine cleans your clothes as you run

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More and more people are taking an interest in keeping fit these days and love to go running on treadmills at the gym or in the home. But who does the washing while you are keeping fit on the treadmill? There could be an answer to this thanks to Si Hyeong Ryu, a product design graduate who has come up with a concept of the Wheel washing machine treadmill for the 2014 Electrolux Design Lab competition, Home of Tomorrow.

[Image Source: Electrolux]

The Wheel washing machine treadmill is essentially a human hamster wheel that is able to capture the kinetic energy when a person is running and this energy can then be used to power home appliances.

[Image Source: Electrolux]

The Wheel comes with a washing machine built into the framework and it is powered by running on the treadmill, which in turn churns the water in the washer and washes the clothing. At the same time it provides the user with information on the display such as speed and distance covered.

[Image Source: Electrolux]

Ryu said that there is a feature designed around washing balls in the canisters and this means that washing time is cut down and at the same time they help to cut down on the amount of water used. The machine could also wash and refresh clothes along with flattening out wrinkles just at the push of one button. The washer/dryer sprays pods of liquid onto the clothing and when washed, dry air is circulated through the device and your item is ready in 10 minutes.

[Image Source: Electrolux]

The wheel features treadmill like mechanisms for a great work-out along with having a flexible screen so that the user can watch a movie or listen to music while running. The solar panels absorb solar energy when it is daylight and act as a substitute when the person isn’t running in the wheel.

[Image Source: Electrolux]

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