BladeFish Sea Jet

BladeFish Sea Jet

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Did cartoons predicted future? It looks dumb question, but let me tell you why I’m asking. While I was kid I watched lots of cartoons (like the most children, I guess) and once the main character dived into the sea using propeller with handles. And now I see it into reality (well not exactly, it’s virtually on my monitor) presented by Brownie’s YachtDiver at the 2009 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. It is much smaller than other diving scooters, with lower weight and low profile for easy storage.

Depending on model variations, the sea jet run time may vary from 40 minutes up to 70-120 minutes. Its weight starts from 3.5 kg and reaches 4.7 kg. The slowest model has speed of 2 mph /miles per hour/ and the fastest one is able to pull you under the waves with 3.75 mph.

[ Image Source : BladeFish ]

All four models have same spatial dimensions: 38x36x16. With BladeFish 1000 and BladeFish 2000 you dive down to 20 meters below water surface, 3000 and 4000 models may dive in depth of 30 m, and their newest model – BladeFish 5000 may reach depth of 50 meters.

I’m a bit skeptical about manufacturers statement that BladeFish “packs all the action of larger scooter”, but it definitely looks like a good option on the market.

Watch the video: SeaDoo Sea Scooter (July 2022).


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