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Enzyme That Could Reverse Aging Discovered by MIT Scientists

The study also found that aging neurons create cumulative DNA damage.May 21, 2020MIT neuroscientists have discovered than an enzyme called HDAC1 could play a critical role in repairing age-induced DNA damage to cognitive and memory-related genes. HDAC1 is reduced in people with Alzheimer& 39;s or regular aging people.
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Front-wheel Drive Motorcycle

February 26, 2013As we all know,in most of the present motorcycles power of the engine is transfered to the rear wheel through a chain. In 1935 a group of five German engineers named Killinger und Freund from Munich started upgrading and modifying the model which won many motorcycle races in the 1920s.
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Foot Powered Washing Machine Could Change the World at Just $40

The GiraDora, a foot powered washing machine and dryer with a price tag of $40.April 03, 2014There are hundreds of millions of people who don& 39;t have the convenience of just tossing their dirty clothes into a washer and dryer when they get dirty. These people still wash by hand using a bucket, or in some cases a local stream.
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13 Entertaining Gifts for Kids Who Are Into Engineering

You don& 39;t need a special occasion to hunt the best gifts for your engineering and science-loving children. After all, what better gift can there be than toys and gadgets that can educate and inspire at the same time? By doing experiments, creating something unique, and discovering new things, it improves their brain functions and motor skills.
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The Gate Residence will promote environmental sustainability

November 15, 2014Many buildings built today make use of technology that will minimize the impact on the environment. However, one building of the future, the Gate Residence in Egypt, will take things to a whole new level. The building will features solar panels, solar heater tubes, windcatchers, geothermal cooling and wind turbines.
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