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World's Largest Amphibious Production Boat Announced

Its twin engines produce 800 HP for ultimate power.September 04, 2020The largest amphibious production boat in the world has just been announced by Sealegs, a company based in Auckland, New Zealand.According to Sealegs, the 12m Cabin RIB is the largest, safest, and most luxurious amphibious system that the company has ever produced.
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New Method to Help Treat Cancer and Genetic Disorders through Gene Therapy

A UCLA team of researchers is developing a quicker, cheaper, and safer method that could deliver DNA into stem cells and immune cells.April 28, 2020A move toward a better way to use gene therapies to attack cancer and genetic disorders has just been thought up by a UCLA-led team of researchers.The team has focused on developing a new method for bringing DNA into stem cells and immune cells in a safe, economical, and fast manner.
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