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This 10-eBook Machine Learning and AI Bundle Is Just $20

With 10 eBooks written by industry experts, this extensive bundle will introduce you to the most important platforms and methodologies within the worlds of machine learning and AI.November 25, 2019As the driving forces behind everything from Google algorithms to surgical robots, machine learning and AI can be found at the heart of some of today’s most exciting and important innovations.
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The Adoption of EVs Relies Heavily on Consumer Education and Infrastructure Development

One of the hot topics of CES 2020 is electric vehicles. For one, Fisker Inc. just unveiled a $37,500 pre-tax credit SUV that could be a potential tesla competitor when it arrives next year.Fisker Inc. CEO, Henrik Fisker, participated in a panel discussion at this year& 39;s consumer electronics show discussing what the next several years of EV adoption looks like along with other industry executives from Cox Automotive, Kelley Blue Book, and EVgo.
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This Smart Notebook Stores Your Ideas in the Cloud

This reusable smart notebook lets you instantly blast your notes and ideas to the cloud.December 23, 2019It’s no secret that the world’s most creative and productive people tend to keep a traditional notebook by their side, but these increasingly antiquated tools are hard to reconcile with an increasingly digital world.
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Neuroscientists use headset to explore the brain in real time

March 15, 2014Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could explore the brain in virtual reality and see what was happening? Well in the future this may be possible and you may be able to see your thoughts right before your eyes. This is down to a team of neuroscientists working with software developers as they have come across a way of using a headset to explore the brain.
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Transparent, Breathable Face Masks are Well Under Way

Gone will be the days of muffled voices and unintelligible expressions.June 10, 2020See-through maskEPFLAs face masks become the day to day norm around the world, it& 39;s become harder and harder to understand people& 39;s muffled words, as well as reading expressions. Did that person smile or grimace at me from behind their mask?
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