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Maasai women have turned into solar warriors thanks to Green Energy

June 23, 2015The Maasai tribes are found in Tanzania and Kenya the people often have to struggle. They have to put up with livestock being taken by the wild animals roaming around and when the sun disappears they are in the dark as they have no electricity. Those lucky enough to own a mobile phone often have to walk for many miles just to charge it.
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Toshiba Will No Longer Make Laptops

The firm created the world& 39;s first IBM-compatible laptop computer back in 1985.August 09, 2020Toshiba released a press release this week announcing that it was transferring its remaining shares in Dynabook to Sharp. And with that transfer ended the company& 39;s production of laptops.RELATED: TOSHIBA UNVEILS WORLD’S FIRST 16 TB HARD DRIVENone of that was written in the short statement but it has been reported widely.
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Spanish Start-up Makes Realistic Steak from Peas and Seaweed

The meat substitute mimics the texture and appearance of an animal whole muscle cut.January 12, 2020Plant-made faux meats are all the rage lately, offering a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to real meat. However, whereas ground meats like hamburgers have been easy to recreate, creating whole cuts of meats has been a bit more complicated.
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Designer Builds 'Ectocycle-1A' Inspired by Ghostbusters' Iconic Car

Busting ghosts through NYC on this bike? Color us stoked.July 25, 2020There is nothing better than a hardcore fan who is also a handy person since they are always the ones who come up with exceptional homages to the shows and movies that we all love. If you& 39;re a Ghostbusters fan, you& 39;re most definitely in for a treat.
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