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This Oil Tanker Fire Injured 22 People, Exploded Twice, Trapped More Onboard

An Indonesian oil tanker named Jag Leela caught fire before exploding twice this morning, sending at least 22 people into hospital care and leaving several trapped onboard.May 11, 2020Two earth-shaking explosions rocked the Aframax crude oil tanker called the Jag Leela in the morning on May 11, throwing massive plumes of black smoke into the air and injuring at least 22 people, according to local police chief Dayan, who goes by one name, reports the Agence France-Presse in New Straits Times.
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Swiss Company Designs Adorable Two-Seater Microlino Electric Car

Swiss company Micro has skillfully blended a motorbike and an electric car to create the Microlino.March 23, 2020More and more companies are creating urban electric mini-cars that zoom and zip around city streets easily and swiftly. One such company is Micro Mobility Systems, a Swiss company that has created the adorable Microlino.
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Upgraded Bionic Hand Could Take over Factory Jobs

Festo& 39;s latest bionics is intended to help systems smoothly adapt to industrial changes.July 08, 2020MobileBionicAssistantFestoAs industrial changes move swiftly forward, the interactions between people, machines, and data have to keep pace. Robots and humans are working more and more closely together as time goes on, and in order for this process to keep working seamlessly, adaptations and changes need to happen.
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Coral Reef Habitats May Be Nearly Extinct by 2100

Warming oceans and acidic waters could kill off almost all coral reef habitats by 2100.February 19, 2020In the year 2100, there may be almost no coral reef habitats left in any ocean on Earth, according to new research presented in San Diego at the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020.RELATED: THE SIXTH MASS EXTINCTION EVENT COULD AS EARLY AS 2100Coral reef habitats dying sooner than expectedScientists had predicted that roughly 70 to 90 of coral reef habitats would vanish from every ocean in the next 20 years from the effects of climate change and pollution.
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Paperclip thumbtack lets you pin photos without leaving a hole

September 20, 2014A simple yet genius little idea allows you to pin up your photographs without leaving a hole in them. The combination of paperclip and thumbtack was thought up by Japanese designer Yasunori Nagatsuka and has been dubbed the Pinclip. The two have been lying around the office and at home right in front of your eyes and finally someone decided to merge their funcitonalities, but its highly unlikely that Nagatsuka was the first to think it up.
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Graphene Shields Metal Pipes From Corrosive Bacteria

Graphene will soon see widespread use as a way to stop bacteria from corroding metal pipes.April 21, 2020Graphene, a dynamic material made of a one-atom-thick sheet of linked carbon atoms, was previously shown to stop steel from rusting. But soon it will also see use stopping bacteria from corroding metal pipes, according to a study published in the journalACS Nano.
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