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Nearby Dwarf Planet Ceres Might Host Vast Underground Ocean, Say Scientists

In 2007, NASA launched a spacecraft called Dawn to study a dwarf planet called Ceres in the asteroid belt — where millions of rocky objects dance soundlessly like a cosmic ballet.After analyzing the spacecraft& 39;s survey of the dwarf planet, scientists say Ceres once hosted a global ocean — now completely frozen over, according to a study recently published in the journal Nature.
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Guy Grows Peppers Using Radio-Controlled Equipment in His Greenhouse

This superhot pepper-lover grew them using only remote-controlled machinery.June 10, 2020Growing plants is not exactly an easy feat: In addition to all the engineering that goes into the background process, one has to deal with the whims and dramas of the plants too.However, this Canadian guy not only loves growing plants, but he decided to upgrade his garden by using radio-controlled equipment.
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HitchBOT gets a thumbs up on highways in Canada

June 14, 2014While in some countries it is not advisable to pick up hitchhikers there is one exception to this rule for a cute but odd looking robot that goes by the name of HitchBOT is trying to hitchhike its way over Canada. Image Source: Hitchbot HitchBOT is a robot that can talk and it is around the same size as the average 6 year old.
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Become an In-Demand Project Manager with This 11-Course Bundle

With 11 courses and 120 hours of content, this bundle is your ticket to earning six-figure salaries in the booming world of project management.January 14, 2020Project managers are in high demand throughout multiple industries, thanks to a growing need for talented and trained leaders who can inspire teams, cut costs, and innovate new products and services.
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AI Used to Measure Sugar in the Blood

Researchers hope this can someday replace the invasive finger prick.January 13, 2020Anyone suffering from diabetes knows how important tracking sugar in the blood is. Technology has improved that process but it still requires needles and finger pricks.Researchers at the University of Warwick in the UK are trying to change that, applying artificial intelligence to the problem.
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