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Scientists Engineer 3D-Printed Bricks That Aid in Bone and Soft Tissue Repair

The Lego-inspired cubes could one day lead to lab-made organs for human transplant.July 25, 2020Scientists have engineered tiny, 3D-printed bricks that can heal broken bones and damaged soft tissue. The novel invention could one day lead to lab-made organs for human transplant.RELATED: MATERIAL THAT REPLICATES HUMAN BONE TISSUE DEVELOPED BY OREGON RESEARCHERSThe cubes are roughly the size of a small flea (0.
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Police could use live Google Earth style tech to capture bad guys

April 16, 2014Over in Compton, California, sheriff deputies found thieves were snatching necklaces from women who were taking a walk through the town, they then turned to a high-tech method to tackling crime - live satellite feeds. Ross McNutt, a retired Air Force veteran operates a surveillance company that could offer police a live Google Maps style stream to keep an eye on the streets.
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Finnish Demo Team Blew Up 'Rocket Car' With 70 Kilograms of Dynamite

A team of Finnish demolition enthusiasts & 39;launched& 39; a rocket car into the air with 70 kilograms of dynamite. The twisted metal ruins of the poor yellow car now lie strewn across the countryside.June 08, 2020A video recently surfaced on Youtube, showing a mock-launch of a taxi car that exploded with 70 kilograms of dynamite — packed into the Earth below.
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Astronomers Discover Remnants of a Supernova Buried in the Indian Ocean

The ancient supernova is believed to have traveled to Earth some 33,000 years ago.August 29, 2020Stars die when they run out of fuel, and sometimes, they end up producing a powerful explosion known as a supernova. These supernovas expel material that spreads all across the universe.RELATED: THIS STRANGE BUT BEAUTIFUL SPACE BLOB CAME FROM A DYING STARNow, astronomers from the Australian National University have discovered traces of a supernova right here on Earth buried in the Indian Ocean.
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Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg Resigned After 737 MAX Crisis

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg resigns after a long crisis of 737 MAX, which caused the death of 346 people.By Nursah ErgüDecember 23, 2019On December 23, Boeing decided to part ways its CEO Dennis Muilenburg after long and intense scrutiny and company struggle to regain the trust of regulators, customers and the public after 2 crashes of the brand& 39;s 737 MAX, which caused the death of 346 people.
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